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These research challenges are curated by me, historian Dr. Barbara Ellermeier. Let me filter thousands of research results, so that you won’t have to!

As a historical advisor, I’ve researched for authors who write non-fiction and novels. Their books - 150 to date! - have been published with Random House USA, Random House Germany, Picador, AmazonCrossing, Hachette USA, Hachette Australia, Vintage Books Australia, Lübbe, adeo, bene, DroemerKnaur, Blanvalet, Blessing, Piper, Ullstein, Sourcebooks UK, Sphere UK and LittleBrown UK.

👓 I have photographic memory.

👓 I read really, really fast. A 700-page novel? I can read it in 8 hours.

👓 I read over 300 books per year (that’s for pleasure, not for work) 📚 📖 📚

👓 For each research project, I read at least 80 books. Often many, many more.

Publishing expert Jane Friedman wrote about me: “If you write historical novels and need help finding the best resources, here’s your woman.”

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