Dr. Barbara Ellermeier is a prolific research expert and historical advisor for authors.

Using her research expertise and network of experts, she is able to provide hand-picked, historical material that makes a novel special – so that authors can concentrate on their writing.

Through her unique packages of factual and inspirational materials, she helps authors save time and energy.

Authors can be confident that all of the historical facts are correct and that they have enough material to choose from, while writing about a long-lost era.

Barbara’s work has been featured in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Tagesspiegel and FOCUS. The leading German magazine of the publishing industry, BUCHMARKT, called her “the research expert”, while her author-clients refer to her as their “treasure finder”, “secret weapon” and occasionally even “my truffle hog.”

A few of Barbara’s favourite research topics? The 1920s, her next destination for a trip and browsing old cookbooks for the best hearty recipes.