Smarter (And Faster) Research For Your Book | 75-min Intensive With Dr. Barbara

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What if you could save weeks while conducting research for your book? 👀

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way for you to research your next protagonist in a way that all the browsing, scrolling and reading you’re spending time on is actually leading to proper research results?

Good news.

Imagine if you actually utilised eyewitness accounts and archive images, old film clips and photo databases...

Could you then develop your book’s protagonists based on this historical material? Protagonists who not least for this reason come across as flesh-and-blood people and not (as is so often the case in historical novels) simply as stereotypical extras 👱 👴 prancing about against the historical backdrop?

Knowing where to find the best research materials can not only drastically cut down your work load — but also help you create an authentic protagonist. You can then write a story which is not only historically correct, but also thrilling, entertaining and moving.

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Is it worth less than $150 (and that's not even what I charge) plus 75 minutes of your writing time to discover even 1 method of making sure you’re finding historical details, so that you can portray this person in a way which feels authentic (and historically correct!), let alone get 5 databases to instantly rummage and plunder for your research purposes?

If you search 1 of these databases, and you find a very special historical detail that you can actually use, or 2, or 3... will you then get a better understanding of who this character was, and write a better book? So that your agent will be thrilled, and your readers will say: “I feel like I actually KNOW them.”

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Smarter (And Faster) Research For Your Book

I won’t waste your time during this 75-min intensive. This is what you get:

kreis autorenfoto 2 jpg small.jpg👉 Submit your 3 most pressing history-related research questions about your protagonist, or their time or setting.

👉 Then I'll conduct research for you. ✍ Expect to receive 3-5 resources, hand-picked for your purposes.

👉 During an online video call, I'll walk you through the resources I’ve found. They provide authentic, historical information that you can implement right after our call.

At the end of our time together, you will also briefly learn about a way to work with me and a small group, if you want to research your next protagonist more efficiently. You'll also receive — in case we can't tackle each and every aspect — a structured research roadmap, so that you know exactly how to proceed from here.

Who is hosting these Intensives?

I am Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, and I look at historical material with the eyes of a novelist. I help authors who want to write about a historical person to find the best resources.

As a historian, I plough through loads of historical material. 📚 📚 Then I curate the best pieces for you.“If you write historical novels and need help finding the best resources, here’s your woman”, publishing expert Jane Friedman wrote about me.

Behind the scenes, I have contributed to more than 120 historical novels, non-fiction books and biographies. These books have been published with publishing houses from the US, UK, Germany and Australia. Here are a few of them. 👇

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How can we speed up YOUR book research?

☑ Book a session below. Choose between 1:1 and an affordable group option.

☑ Join me live on the call & ask questions! Or watch the recording afterwards.

☑ You'll leave with first dips of historical materials that will not only save you LOADS of time: they’ll also help you create protagonists who come across as flesh-and-blood people whom your readers will fall in love with, because they are so authentic.

Click the »Buy Now« button to book your spot. After that, you will have the opportunity to choose your date+time, submit your research questions, and find out all about the hand-picked historical resources that I’m giving you during our intensive . . . so sign up at the special price while it lasts! 🔥

These sessions are 1/3 of the normal price this month. 😲 👓